Wuse District Abuja

Wuse is one of the major districts in the capital city – Abuja. Abuja, built in the 1980s, is a planned city that later on replaced Lagos as the capital of the country on 12 December 1991. The Wuse District is a major district in the Phase 1 plan of Abuja. It is located at the northwestern part of Abuja. By the north of Wuse is Maitama District, to the south is the Central (Business) District.

The District is further numbered into 6 zones. The Wuse market is arguably the most important asset of the district. This part of Abuja is host to the second most important post office in the city. Wuse is arguably the most popular district in Abuja. It is also important to note that the district is divided into two – Wuse and Wuse II.

Wuse as a district has its own share of the Abuja fame. There are quite a number of important offices in this area. The Federal Road Safety Corps Headquarters, Nigerian Customs Services Headquarters, Federal Civil Service Commission, National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control, Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation among others.

The District also has its fair share of Abuja hotels, as the city is known to be home to some of the finest hotels in Abuja. Abuja is a planned city and the capital of the most populous black nation in the world. Abuja is home to people from all over the country as well as expatriates from different parts of the world.

The Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Grand Ibro International Hotel, Iris Hotel etc. are some of the Abuja hotels in Wuse. Due to its status and calibre of people that come and live here; Abuja is home to some of Nigeria’s luxurious real estate properties.

Hence, it is not uncommon to see adverts such as houses for sale in Abuja.  Places like Wuse, Garki, Maitama are some of the popular places to live in Abuja. Abuja is not just the seat of power, it is where some of the richest people in the country live.

The article is considered a guide to things to know or expect in Wuse and Abuja. If you probably looking to explore the country’s capital, especially Wuse, below are some tips for you


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Wuse Market

Wuse market is arguably the largest and most popular market in Abuja. As its name depicts, it is located in the Wuse districts. It is one place in Abuja where you can get almost anything. There are chances that you might want to go sightseeing or shopping in this part of Abuja. If you are not bothered by crowds and love an open market, this is definitely where you should be.

At the Wuse market, you can get a wide range of things there. The market experience almost the same with what to expect of major markets in the country. The usual market feeling of people going and coming into the market area. In the Wuse market, you can get products ranging from farm produce to house appliances. However, things in the market are relatively cheap depending on your bargaining power.

Another thing you might want to know is that the market, like other places in the capital, as also had its share of  Abuja protest. Most of which have always been handled by the right authorities.


Hotels In Abuja

The truth is, there are hundreds of hotels in Abuja. The number of hotels and houses in Abuja would rival that of any city in the country. This is both in their numbers and architectural structures. It is not surprising as it is home to some of the richest people in the country. Though it is home to a considerable number of luxurious hotel, there are also a good number of cheap hotels in Abuja.

Wuse is no difference too, as it is host to some of the luxurious and cheapest hotels in Abuja. In fact, the Wuse District is home to some of the country’s top hotel brands like Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Grand Ibro International hotel among others. Aside from the hotels in Wuse, it is also the district in Abuja with some of the finest buildings.

It won’t be surprising if houses in Wuse are top of the listings when you search for houses for sale in Abuja. Wuse, which include Wuse II, has continued to develop over the years. It is the perfect place for residential and commercial purposes. There are quite a number of lands for sale in Wuse for those looking to invest in real estate.

Some of the hotels in Abuja include Ajuji Hotel, Hotel De Bently, 1st Forty Hotel, Top View Hotel, Hotel Reno, Denis Hotel, Reiz Continental Hotel, Treasures Suites and Conferences, La Ropa Luxury Suites, Nippon Grand Hotel Abuja, Dilida Guest Suites, Western Dreams Hotels, Orient Hotel, 3J’s Hotels, Top Rank Hotels Galaxy, Abuja Dannic Hotels, 1st Forty Hotel, Rockview Hotel, Immaculate Suites and Apartments, Newland Luxury Hotel, 1 Oak Place, Nest Spa & Suites, Valencia Hotel, Newton Park Hotel etc.


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Abuja Weather

The Abuja weather is another tip you definitely want to consider. Though it is not a total difference from what is experienced in other parts of the country. It is, however, important to note how the weather is before travelling especially for a first-timer. The two major seasons in the country are the rainy season and the dry season.

The best idea you might get of the Abuja weather is what is expected in most northern parts of Nigeria. Though the weather in Abuja is usually not as hot as that of the core north. It does have its share of the hot and cold weather. The month of March with an average temperature of 30oC is the hottest while July at 25oC is the coldest.

Now that you have an idea of what the weather in Abuja seems like, you can plan accordingly for that trip. Even though you are not making the trip now, you can always share within your network. Kindly share more tips or your experiences in Wuse Abuja with fellow readers.